The Popular Committee for Refugees (PCR) rejects UNRWA's reduction policy

Gaza, (Drah)--

The Popular Committee for Refugees (PCR) announced its rejection of the UNRWA's reduction policy and what so-called the " unified food basket system" distributed recently to Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip. 

The UNRWA chief of Middle Area Office Miranda Barakat received on Tuesday, 16th March 2021, a letter directed to Matthias Schmale (Director of UNRWA Operations in the Gaza Strip) from the Popular Committee for Refugees in al-Buriej refugee camp. The letter asserted several humanitarian demands as follows:

We are in the Popular Committee for Refugees (PCR) in al-Buriej refugee camp do call on you to assume your responsibilities and what the agency has been mainly founded for, which is to provide full services for refugees.

We refuse to turn Palestinian refugees into beggars and poor and that the services provided by the agency are a right, not a gift or an act of kindness by anybody. Therefore, we call upon you to stop the deteriorating conditions of refugees in the Gaza Strip, and stop what is called the " unified food basket system" and improve the quantity and quality of the food supplies provided to refugees.

 We also call on you to address all the problems that Palestinian refugees are suffering from in the context of the deteriorating economic conditions as a result of the Israeli siege, closures, poverty, hunger, and unemployment.

We demand the Administration of UNRWA to find practical solutions that will lift the suffering of the refugee community and preserve the services provided by UNRWA to continue to carry out its responsibilities until the implementation of UN Resolution 194, which recognizes the right of refugees to return to the homes from which they have been displaced as a result of the crimes of the occupation against our people.