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  • 17:32 - 1 January 2013

850 Palestinians Killed in Syria

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)-- Five Palestinians have been killed Monday in shelling by Syrian forces loyal to Syrian regime on the camps of Husseiniya and Yarmouk.

Syrian forces launched dozens of mortar missiles at buildings of Palestinians in the camps.

The victims were identified as Ahmed Jacob, "Mohammad Wali", "Ramiz Ibrahim Suleiman", Taha Hussein" and "Omar al-Harith". Consequently, the last victims' toll of Palestinians reached 850 martyrs.

 "Working group for Palestinians in Syria," reported Monday that al-Thalathin  street in Yarmouk exposed to heavy fire and shelling , whereas many shells landed in districts of  Oroba, Madina and Maryters Cemetery .

Syrian forces also prevented vehicles carrying food and other materials to get into the camp.

Beside the clashes that erupt from time to time in streets of the camp, there are some thieves gangs that attack homes and steal them.

In Husseiniya camp, Syrian MIG warplanes bombed buildings in the street of the 17, killing a number of Palestinian refugees and leaving large material damage.

The shelling happened by the time a sever clashes erupted in the streets of the camp, using many types of weapons, and clashes are being renewed from time to time till now.

In the camp of Neirab for Palestinian refugees, the correspondent of the working group reported that forces of the free Army detained dozens of people from Neirab while returning from their work, adding that they negotiated with armed actors of the free Army to release the people, but the free army refused except by releasing 15 people held by a person named "Sayed Adnan."  Known loyal to the Syrian army. "

The "working group" said that civil committees have been formed in the camps, among which was the Palestine charity body that distributed 500 vouchers for food worth 1,500 Syrian Nis for each family.  The Association of al-Sheikh Khan distributed 600 food rations provided by the Syrian Red Crescent.

The same group stated that the young man, "Munir Khalid Anbusa", 31 years, has been lost from the Yarmouk refugee camp and no news about him has been reported.



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