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  • 19:50 - 30 December 2012

Foundation of ''Shahid'' calls for immediate support to hospitals of Red Crescent

Gaza, (DRAH.ps) -- The Palestinian Association for Human Rights "Shahid" calls Sunday for the Palestinian health ministry to adopt hospitals of Red Crescent hospitals in Lebanon as part of the Ministry and to improve the salaries of its staff and support these hospitals immediately to fulfill its role and maintain their credibility towards refugees.

The society also called for providing a comprehensive health insurance for the staff of Red Cross like the staff of the Palestinian Authority and to pay indemnities termination for retired individuals.

  It demanded the hospital equipment to be developed in order to be able to keep up with scientific and technical development, calling on UNRWA to improve the contract terms with Red Crescent hospital to be like the contract terms of private hospitals and to adopt an effective administrative system. It stressed the need to have clinics and dispensaries maintained and activate its roles instead of being community health centers with no value to the public refugees.

 The institution regretted the fact that these hospitals have been left to face financial difficulties which negatively affected its performance and service of the refugees, and employees start to raise their voices for the need to improve such situation.


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