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  • 13:46 - 23 October 2013

Photos..DRAH Holds a Sit-in, Mourns Refugees Drown in Malta Sea

 Gaza, (DRAH.ps)—Division of refugees affairs in Hamas held Wednesday morning stand in solidarity with Palestinian refugees who drown in the sea near coasts of Malta as well as dozens of Syrian refugees, while they were  trying to reach Italian coasts fleeing the hell war taking place in Syria.

The popular Committees of refugees, representatives of the Palestinian organizations and a number of Palestinian refugees fleeing from Syria joined the activity in the port of Gaza.

Chairman of DRAH, Dr. Issam Adwan, recited a  statement , saying ''  what is happening today is a humanitarian crisis experienced by the whole world, where none talks about any legal or moral responsibility although the whole world has legal liability for this.

Legal responsibility over this is referred to Israeli occupation from the very beginning, which expelled these refugees from their homeland and seized their property, so that they got displaced around the world.''

 '' Israel refused to comply with any ethics or international or humanitarian law. Israel even refuses to bury these martyr refugees in their own  land that they have with legal  certificates of ownership in the Galilee, northern occupied Palestine .moreover, the  international community colludes with Israeli as well as some  Arab countries , who all do not demand Israel to allow these refugees return to their land or be buried there.'' Adwan said.

 Adwan added that three hundred Palestinian refugees have drowned in the sea, 36 of whom were buried in Italy, and hundreds are still in the bottom of the sea.

He holds the Arab countries responsible for death of these refugees as they banned them to get into their territories.

 He also holds UNRWA responsible for such crime as it did not provide these refugees a safe refuge, adding that if UNRWA had performed its role, these refugees would have not thought of leaving through the dangerous seas.

Dozens of Palestinian refugee kids threw some 300 hundreds roses in the sea, hounding souls of the victims.












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