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  • 10:13 - 7 September 2013

European Network for Human Rights: Egyptian authorities launch detentions campaign against Palestinians in Syria

Gaza,(Alresalah.ps)— The  European Network for  Defense of rights of Palestinian prisoners and detainees expresses  deep concern over the deteriorating situation of  Palestinian refugees,  who fled from Syria to Egypt.

The European Network  said in a statement  Wednesday , September 4th , it is so upset over the  inhumane treatment  by the Egyptian authorities against the  refugees , including children and the elderly people

 The network added that the Egyptian authorities lunched recently a campaign of arrests targeting the Palestinian refugees from Syria, explaining that Egyptian forces prevent the refugees to obtain legal permission to stay in Egypt and prevent them to receive education and proper treatment.

 The statement revealed that the Egyptian authorities have arrested a family consisting of nine people, including four children, in a raid on their home in the town of El Arish.  The family members were released after eight hours of investigation.

 The European network confirmed that Egyptian authorities deported entire Palestinian families, including children, the elderly and women, which violate international law, which recommends good treatment for refugees.

 The European Network pointed that about sixty Palestinian refugees were deported from Egypt to Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and other countries, which expose their lives to danger, especially those who have been forcibly returned to Syria, who were trying to leave Egypt to Europe due to escalation of attacks against them in the past two months.

  The European Network holds Egyptian authorities full responsible for the safety of Palestinian refugees fleeing from Syria and all other refugees, noting that the Palestinian refugees are facing a very bad treatment where they are exposed to chase and arrest without any apparent reason. .

 She added that the Egyptian media plays a negative role and incites against the refugees, calling on the United Nations to urgently intervene and protect the refugees from oppression of Egyptian authorities.



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