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  • 06:18 - 22 June 2013

Khudari calls on Ashton to pressure Israel to end Gaza siege

GAZA, (DRAH.PS)-- MP Jamal Khudari, head of Popular Committee against the Siege, called on European Union’s foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton who is visiting Gaza to take practical steps and pressure Israel to lift the siege on the Strip.

Khudari said in a statement on Thursday that all international recommendations and reports confirm that the blockade is illegal and immoral and should be immediately lifted, which requires from Ashton and the European Union serious and firm actions

He highlighted that the siege on Gaza entered its seventh year, which dramatically affected the lives of nearly two million Palestinians, as well as the development and progress in the Strip.

The MP pointed to the suffering of Gaza due to the blockade and the effects it is having on the lives of the population, calling for an immediate end to it.




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