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  • 07:19 - 6 June 2013

The Global March to Jerusalem a step on the road to liberation

 Gaza,(DRAH.ps)-- Deputy Head of the Islamic Movement, Sheikh Kamal Khatib, considered that the Global March to  Jerusalem (GMJ), to be launched on Friday on the 46th anniversary of the Arab Naksa, as a step on the road to liberate Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Khatib told the Jordanian "Al-Sabil" newspaper that the Israeli occupation is living in a dilemma, as it becomes aware that the reality of the Arab peoples has changed.

The GMJ will be launched from the Gaza Strip, the occupied West Bank, Egypt, Jordan, Malaysia and Indonesia, in addition to a number of European countries.

It is expected that hundreds of thousands will take part in the march, and will meet, as scheduled, at the nearest point to occupied Jerusalem they can reach.

The Jerusalemite leader hailed this popular movement, calling on all the sons of the nation to join it.

For its part; Al-Quds International institution called on the Arab and Islamic nation to support Jerusalem and Palestine, on the forty-sixth anniversary of the occupation of Jerusalem.

Director General of the institution Yassin Hammoud urged all NGOs and the active parties to participate in the GMJ, "to support the Palestinian people and to defend the city of Jerusalem from the Israeli occupation's attacks."

Hammoud said in a press statement on Wednesday that more than 60 countries around the world will participate in the marches that will head for the nearest border point with Jerusalem, in support of Palestine and in rejection of all the Israeli practices and crimes against the occupied city and its people.

He also called on the Arab peoples to take serious move to liberate Jerusalem and to defend it, its people and its holy sites.



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