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  • 08:53 - 26 June 2022

Open Appeal by the Joint Committee for Refugees to the UN Member States meeting in the UNRWA Pledging Conference at UN headquarters in New York.

Open Appeal by the Joint Committee for Refugees to the UN Member States meeting in the UNRWA Pledging Conference at United Nations headquarters in New York.


Your Excellency

We, in the Joint Committee for Refugees, write to urge you to support the UNRWA as the sole entrusted Agency to deliver on the mandate given by the UN General Assembly. We address you from the depth of pain and tragedy experienced by the Palestinian refugees over the past 74 years of migration, dispersal, and the catastrophe that befell the Palestinian people.

This appeal comes to tell you that we will not forget and will not forgive and will remain committed to our right to return in accordance with UN Resolution 194 of the United Nations General Assembly. However, until this important historical moment comes with fairness to the Palestinian refugees, we will remain committed to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees "UNRWA", which was established by the General Assembly in 1949 for relief and employment of Palestinian refugees.

Your Excellency,

We address you on behalf of the refugee community, which is still waiting to be fulfilled by implementing United Nations resolutions to allow it to exercise the right of return by putting pressure on the Israeli occupation authorities to enable our people to exercise this right until this important historical moment comes. We in the Joint Committee of Refugees demand the following

First: We call on the international community to assume its humanitarian and moral responsibilities and redress the injustice done to more than 6 million Palestinian refugees and provide them with justice by approving a stable and sustainable budget for UNRWA with pledges from your side to secure a budget of no less than three years.

Second: In the face of UNRWA's successive financial crises and attempts to politically target its existence, we ask you to adopt a major part of UNRWA's budget to be part of the United Nations budget, like other international organizations, and not to rely solely on donations, gifts, and grants.

Third: We call on you to expand the circle of countries that pledge and donate to UNRWA and to commit to increasing pledges made by your countries to UNRWA to keep it away from any politicization or financial pressures with political goals.

Fourth: The presence of UNRWA constitutes a factor of security and stability in the region, and this requires continuing its financial and political support, as this is the moral duty to fulfill the commitments of the international community towards one of its most important organizations affiliated with the United Nations.

Fifth: We, the refugee community, maintain and adhere to UNRWA, trust those in charge of it, and support all steps that would provide and expand services to take into account the natural increase of refugees and thus the increase in their needs.

Sixth: We call upon you to provide a financial safety net for UNRWA through cooperation agreements with many countries and authorities, expand the donor base and approve a sustainable financing plan, in addition to expanding emergency programs to include aid for all Palestinian refugees, especially in the afflicted areas (Gaza - Lebanon - Syria).

Seventh: We call on you to provide all factors of support for UNRWA and to counter any attempts to undermine or liquidate its essential mission.

Finally, we hope and trust that your decisions will be at the level of the suffering of the Palestinian people which lasted for 74 years.


The Joint Committee for Refugees

June 23, 2022


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