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  • 21:35 - 18 June 2022

Press release on the occasion of World Refugee Day

Press release by Hamas's Division of Refugee Affairs and the Popular Committees for Refugees.

 On the occasion of World Refugee Day

As the world celebrates the World Refugee Day on the 20th of June every year, the suffering of Palestinian refugees increases year after year, while their numbers have reached more than nine million refugees distributed in the camps of occupied Palestine and the camps and countries of asylum and the diaspora, in light of the lack of accurate statistics to determine their numbers.

The United Nations issued Resolution 194 in 1948 to affirm the right of refugees to return to their homes and compensate them. More than 74 years have passed since this date, while Palestinian refugees are still waiting to return to their homes, from which they were abandoned, under international failure, a United Nations that does not respect its decisions, and an Arab retreat from attention to this just cause.

The Palestinian refugee issue today is considered the oldest and largest refugee issue in the world, while about nine million refugees (approximately 70% of the Palestinian people) are still suffering daily on the waiting rail for 74 years to realize their right to return to their lands, cities, and villages, which is increasing their cling to it over the years.

 Their right to return and compensation is undeniable, and the world’s silence towards the Zionist arrogance and its denial of the right of return is condemned, while the occupation expands in the robbery of our rights and our land, and in bringing thieves from across the world to steal a homeland that we so long defended with our blood, rage, and souls.

Meanwhile, the suffering of Palestinian refugees in their various places of residence is worsening year after year, at various legal, security, judicial, political, social, living, health, economic, and educational levels.

On this occasion, we affirm the following:

1- The right to return to Palestine will remain a sacred right that does not fall into obsolescence. It is an individual and collective right, and no one has the right to forfeit or renounce it.

 2- At the time the United Nations organizations commemorate World Refugee Day, we call upon them to end the suffering of the refugees and ensure their return to their lands and homes from which they were displaced, not only highlighting their suffering. The return of Palestinian refugees is a collective duty and responsibility of the United Nations and the major countries that caused this tragedy to our people.

 3- We call upon the Arab countries hosting Palestinian refugees to work seriously to improve their daily lives and provide them with a decent life until their return, and to insist on refusing to transfer UNRWA’s mandate to any other international agency or organization. We also call on donor States to continue to assume their responsibilities in providing the necessary support to UNRWA to continue to provide services to Palestinian refugees, in accordance with resolution 302 of 1949.

 4- We reaffirm our belief in the right of return of refugees by using all options, including armed resistance, as an option guaranteed by international humanitarian law. We reaffirm our rejection of various efforts and projects aimed at bankrupting and dismantling UNRWA and its political dimension in preparation for the elimination of the refugee issue.

  5- We salute all the popular committees and the national and Islamic action factions that organized unified and simultaneous protest sit-ins in front of the UNRWA headquarters in the camps of the homeland and the diaspora, rejecting Lazzarini’s statements and attempts to transfer UNRWA’s powers to other international organizations in conjunction with the meeting of the Advisory Committee for Refugees in Beirut.

 6- We affirm the desire of the Palestinian refugees to share countries and peoples of the world with the values ​​of freedom and dignity, and their support for the right of return for all the world’s refugees, whose numbers have reached about 84 million. Palestinian refugees stand in solidarity with the refugees all over the world in particular, the refugees in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, the Muslim peoples in Afghanistan, Burma, and Central Africa, and all the refugees of conflicts and disasters in the world.

 Division of Refugee Affairs and the Popular Committees for Refugees-Hamas

20 June 2022



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