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  • 12:35 - 12 July 2021

Israeli 'blackmail': prisoners in return for food

Gaza, (Drah-agencies)--

Member of Hamas's Political Bureau Dr Mahmoud Al-Zahar announced on Sunday that the Israeli occupation is seeking to achieve a prisoner swap to release its prisoners in return for food.

Speaking to Al Watan Voice, he disclosed: "The Israeli occupation is living a real crisis after it was defeated by the Palestinian resistance in the latest battle, as well as due to having no achievements to brag about."

Regarding the Israeli threats to carry out a new offensive on Gaza, he stressed: "This will not happen because the Israeli government consists of a fragmented coalition, and it recognises very well that their threats do not bear fruit," citing the latest offensive between 11 and 21 May.

Al-Zahar pointed out that his movement knows that the Israeli occupation: "Is living a state of weakness, hesitation, and loss of hope," emphasising that the Israeli occupation: "Recognises that there is a force that is able to deter its arrogance."

He reiterated that the Israeli occupation is ending its siege imposed on Gaza: "But it is ending it shyly; therefore, it is putting pressure on the resistance through blackmailing the humanitarian issues related to food and medicine."

The senior Hamas official asserted that the resistance would find a new way to push the occupation to commit to its obligations.


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