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  • 10:35 - 30 March 2021

On the 45th anniversary of Palestinian Land Day

Gaza, (Drah)--

A press release by Hamas's Division of Refugee Affairs

On the 45th anniversary of Land Day

The Land Day marks a historical turning point in the struggle of our Palestinian people in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and the Occupied Territory in 1948. The importance of Land Day does not stem from being a challenge to the occupation instead, but because it is a confirmation of the truth of the national belonging to our people and his rejection to the attempts of confiscating his land and legitimate rights by holding suspicious agreements, conspiracies, and deals.

Hence, we affirm that the Palestinian land is one of the constants that cannot be conceded or abandoned in any way, and the land will remain the focus of the struggle with the occupation, and this conflict will not end before the liberation of every inch of this land and the purification of every grain of sand from its soil from the defilement of the usurper occupation through the option of resistance, confrontation and clash with the occupation, which constitutes the only way to defeat our enemy who kills us and violates our rights and our sanctities.

On Land Day, we confirm that we will protect the unity of land and people, and we will never allow any plan that aims to break or separate a part of Palestine, and resistance is the one that protected this unity and embodied it in the field of honor in defense of all Palestine. And it will remain the bearer of the commandments of the martyrs and preserve their covenant until victory and liberation, God willing.

The Land Day is the day of adhering to the rights and constants and thwarting all the Zionist settlement and Judaizing projects, and therefore we pray that the Land Day will be a day to renew the covenant and pledge allegiance to God to continue resistance and jihad until our blessed land is cleansed of the defilement of the usurper Zionist enemy and the return of the true owners of the land to their homeland from which they were abandoned by the Zionist criminality and its successive massacres against our people.

Land Day is an occasion to announce our rejection and confrontation to all the futile political projects that affect our land, rights, and national constants, the last of which are the suspicious plans being plotted between some regional countries and the American administration. We call upon the Palestinian Authority (PA) to take its hand away from the resistance in the West Bank and pave the way for it to defend our land, rights, and our sanctities, and to make the occupation and its settlers pay heavily for their continued crimes and terror.

We also do call on the PA to stop the policy of security cooperation with the occupation, and work to arrange the internal Palestinian home out of the state of fragmentation, disagreements, and division to enable our people and their living and effective forces to establish a new national strategy based on resistance so that they can restore usurped rights and preserving the sacrifices of our brave, struggling people.

Land Day will remain a national day that inspires resistance to practice the creative struggle that nurtures the collective Palestinian memory and strengthens steadfastness, determination, and the Palestinian national challenge in the face of the occupation and its racist plans and repressive measures that will soon disappear with the demise of its deformed entity, God willing, and only more patience, steadfastness, challenge, and preparation will separate us from that, God willing.

Division of Refugee Affairs- Hamas

 30th March 2021


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