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  • 22:31 - 22 June 2020

Palestinians protest Israeli plan to annex West Bank

Gaza, (Drah)--

During a protest held by the Joint Refugee Committee in front the office of the UN refugee agency UNRWA in Gaza City today Monday, 22nd, June, 2020, on the occasion of the World Refugee Day; which was marked on June 20, senior Hamas leader Ismail Radwan asserted that the Committee: "rejects the alleged deal of the century and any decisions regarding the Israeli annexation plan".

In his speech on behalf of the Joint Refugee Committee, Radwan called on donor countries to continue their funding to UNRWA, demanding a political and financial safety net for the Palestinian people.

He also called on the countries hosting Palestinian refugees on its lands to solve their humanitarian and social problems in order to secure a decent life for them until they return to their homes, stressing the committee's rejection of "refugee resettlement projects and finding an alternative homeland for them".

"The right of return is individual and collective duty that cannot be abandoned," he said, demanding the implementation of UN Resolution 194 which stipulates that refugees must be allowed to go back to their homeland and to end the occupation.

Radwan, who stressed the rejection of the 'Deal of the Century' and the annexation decision, called for an urgent meeting of the interim leadership framework at the level of general secretaries to achieve reconciliation, rebuilding and reforming the PLO in a way that guarantees everyone’s participation and agreement on a Palestinian strategy for a comprehensive confrontation with the occupation.

Radwan called for the escalation of the resistance in all its forms in the occupied West Bank and all places in occupied Palestine to face the decision of annexation and the 'Deal of the Century'.

He also called the Palestinian Authority to terminate the Oslo Accord and stop security coordination with Israel, holding the latter responsible for the consequences of its annexation plan.

Radwan condemned all forms of normalization with the occupation, considering it as betrayal of the Palestinian people.

He called on the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to support the Palestinian position to reject the annexation decisions as well as creating a political and financial safety net for the Palestinian people. At the end of his speech, Radwan held the occupation responsible for the consequences of the annexation decisions, assuring that Palestinian people will confront it with full force.


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