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  • 17:31 - 21 June 2020

On 'World Refugee Day', annexation is a new setback

Gaza, (Drah)--

A press release by the Popular Committee for Refugees (PCR)

On the occasion of the 'World Refugee Day':

Today, Palestinian refugees mark the occasion of the "World Refugee Day", while their suffering continues year after year. Figures indicate that the number of Palestinian refugees is growing up reaching about 9 million, which represents about 70% of the total number of Palestinian people, distributed between refugee camps in occupied Palestine, refugee camps and diaspora in the five continents of the world.

The issue of refuge in the world will remain humanitarian and of a political nature, expressing the desire of some parties belonging to human beings, while in fact aim to take control and seize the resources and capabilities of their partners in humanity.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian refugees occupy the top icon of refuge in the world after more than 72 years of displacement, exile and denial of rights.

"World Refugee Day" comes this year amid the implementation of the so-called "Deal of the Century" that aims at liquidating the cause of Palestinian refugees and conspiracy to bankrupt and eliminate the UNRWA as an international witness to the Palestinian people’s catastrophe and as an international sponsor of humanitarian relief provided to them.

This occasion comes while our people are threatened by a new setback for a new displacement planned by the Zionist occupation, which is preparing to annex a third of the West Bank to its usurped entity at the beginning of next July.

Nonetheless, Palestinian refugees will continue to claim their right to return and compensation in accordance with Resolution 194 issued by the United Nations in 1948, despite the passage of more than 72 years of its release.

In this light, the Popular Committee for Refugees affirms the following:

1-    Our return to Palestine is a sanctifying right that does not lapse by statute of limitations, it’s a collective and individual right, which nobody has the right to compromise it or give it up.

2-    We call upon the United Nations organizations on the "World Refugee Day" to assume its role to end the suffering of refugees and ensure their return to their lands and not only shed light on their suffering. Hence, the return of the Palestinian refugees is a collective duty and responsibility of the United Nations organizations and the major countries.

3-    We call upon the countries hosting Palestinian refugees to work to improve the quality of their daily lives and provide them with a decent life until they return to their homes which they were displaced from.

4-    According to international laws and legislations, Palestinian refugees reserve the right to use all options, including armed resistance, to secure their return to their cities and villages which they were displaced from.

5-    We call upon the donor countries to continue to assume their responsibilities in providing the necessary support to "UNRWA" to continue providing its services to the Palestinian refugees, in accordance with Resolution 302 of 1949.

6-    We affirm our solidarity as refugees and the Palestinian people, with all the refugees of the world, starting with the Syrian refugees, Iraqi, Yemeni, and Libyan people, passing through the Somali, and not ending with the Muslim peoples in Afghanistan, Burma, Central Africa, and all refugees of conflicts and disasters in the world.

Popular Committee for Refugees – Palestine

20th June, 2020




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