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  • 13:16 - 12 February 2013

Situation of Palestinians in Syria getting worse, shelling continues

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)--  Working group for Palestinians in Syria stated that the refugee camp of Khan al-Sheen was extensively shelled by Syrian regime force, which launched a number of missiles at buildings of the camp.

 The shelling caused large material damage to place. Fortunately, no causalities were reported.

 The "working group" added that the Yarmouk refugee camp was bombed with a number of missiles on al-Madares street, Haifa and the 15street.

 The group added that the humanitarian situation is so bad in the camp, where residents of complain suffer of ill-treatment by Syrian regime forces on a barrier who humiliate them. the camp also suffer from suffocating siege imposed on the camp by Syrian regime forces through which these forces prevent necessary life materials including medicine and flour to get into the camp.

 Reporter of the group said also that Dare camp was exposed to a violent bombardment, where several mortar rounds and rockets hit at the camp, wounding a number of citizens.

  11 Palestinian refugees were detained also in Neirab refugee camp, including university students

 "Working group" reported that the Syrian security forces had arrested three Palestinian youths, while they were returning to Homs



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