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  • 05:01 - 10 February 2013

Five palestinians killed, Shelling on refugee camps continue in Syria

Gaza,(DRAH.ps) --  Daraa camp for Palestinian refugees in Syria witnessed heavy shelling that led to a state of panic and material damage, the workgroup for Palestinians in Syria stated in a report on Friday.

The residents in Daraa camp are still suffering from the blockade and the continued power outages and the lack of foodstuffs and medicines.

The workgroup said that two young men from al-Hassineh refugee camp were found dead on Friday after being shot by snipers.

The Hussineh camp has been under blockade for 75 days. The Syrian security forces were not letting medical supplies or food into the camp, and bakeries and pharmacies have stopped working due to the blockade, activists said.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian workgroup said that clashes broke out in the vicinity of the Danon camp, whose population is still suffering from an acute shortage in drinking water and food, continued power outages and price hikes.

Separately, a massive fire broke out in Yarmouk refugee camp that almost ran out of control due to a lack of necessary equipment to extinguish it. Snipers attacked people trying to put out the blaze, according to the workgroup.

The camp residents, in cooperation with volunteers from the Charity Organization for the Relief of the Palestinian people, managed to extinguish the fire which caused material damage.

 The Yarmouk camp has been under blockade for 75 days, and the Syrian regular army has been preventing the entry of food and relief materials.

The popular and civil committees as well as a number of the camp's dignitaries held a meeting to discuss feasible solutions to lift the siege imposed on the camp.

The workgroup has also announced in its report that medics discovered the body of a young girl killed by shelling in the Yarmouk camp.

It confirmed that elements within the Free Syrian Army took control of 30th street in Yarmouk after clashes with the regular army on Thursday.


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