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  • 09:45 - 24 January 2013

Protest tent in Shuafat against land confiscation

Gaza,(Alresalah.ps)-- People of Shuafat village in occupied Jerusalem set up on Tuesday a new protest tent, calling it "Somud Zaytun" (Olive Steadfastness), in protest against the Israeli confiscation policy.

 The Jerusalem Municipality has confiscated more than 80 dunums of the land between Ramat Shlomo settlement and the town of Shuafat in order to establish road No. 21 to link the Israeli settlements with each other.

 The Jerusalem Municipality has confiscated Shuafat's land under the pretext of public benefits, while the land owners confirmed that this Israeli plan only serves the Israeli Judaization schemes that aim to hand the Palestinian lands to the settlers, where 4 Palestinian houses were threatened to be demolished in favor of this project.

 The popular forces in the town called on the people of Jerusalem to support their cause to face the Israeli Judaization project in their town, where the Israeli municipality prevented the town's original inhabitants from obtaining building permits.


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