Photos..The Popular conference for Refugees Confirms Rejection of the Centaury Deal and Bahrain Conference

The Popular Committee of refugees in Jabalya Camp organized,  on Tuesday 18 June 2019, a conference entitled  " Defending the  right of return against  the deal of the century" in  the hall of Jabalia Services Club with the participation of the Palestinian factions and national and Islamic forces in the northern Gaza Strip, where a number of mukhtars, dignitaries and legal figures have attended the meeting.

Nabil Diab: The Palestinian people will keep their constants and  rights, and they will foil Bahrain's conference.

Nabil Diab, the leader of the Palestinian National Initiative Movement, said that the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and their adherence to their rights, especially the right of return and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, will foil  Bahrain  conference.

He added that ending the political division and achieving national unity is necessary to stand in the face of the conspiracy  "Trump .. Netanyahu" to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

He pointed out that the so-called "Deal of the Century" is not only a threat to the Palestinian people and their  just cause, but to the entire Arab nation as it is  a new title of the expansionist Zionist colonial project aiming at controlling the region and plundering its wealth.

He added: "we Palestinian people, we will continue to work hard to resist the occupation, reject and thwart all projects to liquidate the Palestinian cause, whether it is called the deal of the century, the alternative homeland, economic peace or the regional project.

Mushir AlMasri: Our Just Cause Cannot be a Bazar for auctions in Bahrain

The Parliament Member Mushir al-Masri stated that the Palestinian Cause  stands in front of an important historical station in the face of the US administration, which  paves the way for the Israeli occupation through the so-called the deal of the  century.

He added that the land of Palestine is a fixed formula from the  sea to the  river, and it is  the legacy of generations and the right of the martyrs, prisoners and wounded who have paved the way to Jerusalem with their blood.

He stressed that all the bets of the Israeli occupation will fail, and the Palestinian people  will get victory one day.

"The will and steadfastness of the Palestinian people today are stronger than all the cases of fragmentation and weakness of the Arab world, which is eroding our Palestinian cause and its constants. The national constants and historical rights cannot be given up. Our just cause  cannot be a bazaar for auctions in the Bahrain market." He added.

Al-Masri pointed out that confronting the deal of the century requires, first of all, the unification of the Palestinian political class, and the unity of the national position must be translated on the ground by achieving national unity.

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to abide by all national agreements, and to translate this into reality by deconstructing all agreements with the occupation, stopping security coordination, and building a united national front that will be translated into reality.


He concluded that : "Palestine is a land that cannot be divided, and the enemy through the deal of the century is trying to bite the remaining rights, and today we must declare a national position that the overwhelming Palestinian right is indivisible; and that we will defend our right by  the lives of our leaders before Soldiers ".