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  • 11:34 - 14 January 2013

The Yarmouk Camp, a story of continuous suffering

GAZA CITY (DRAH.ps) -- Rockets shelled my house. I came out from beneath the rubble. Their faces were appalled and dusty. We left to another place. We left our home, which was more like a basement, and we settled in a grave. The warplanes chased us, though. The snipers, the soldiers and the commanders! Ayman Khalid, from the Yarmouk Refugee Camp,  narrated his story of misery, resulted from the inhumane actions of the Assad troops.

The Yarmouk Refugee Camp was first built in 1975 over 2,110 square kilometers to give shelter to the Palestinian refugees in Syria. It is the largest refugee camp in Syria, and it is 8 kilometers away from the Syrian Capital, Damascus.


Our homes are the most precious thing in shatat, diaspora. "The promises of the Arab are blown in the wind, "Khalid said. "Do not be amused, when a Palestinian cries over his destroyed house". "We know how bitter it is, when we carry our children and leave from once place to another," Khalid furthered.

It is worth mentioning that the Syrian regime troops are imposing a severe siege on the camp for the second day respectively. Medical and  humane supplies are denied access to the camp.

Ayman Daghas, member of Workers for the Syrian-Palestinians, said that the conditions of the camp are very tough due to the fact that the Assad troops are suffocating the camp. "No food or medical supplies are allowed in," said Dagggas.

Daggas called on all the living people of the world to end the misery of the Palestinian refugees in Syria. "The Assad regime is launching unjustified attacks on the Palestinian refugees".

"No one can move freely throughout the streets of the camp," Daggas said. "Shelling and shooting continue". Daggas called on the international world to secure the Palestinian refugee camps and to avert them the conflict. The Assad forces are using the camp to press on the opposition militants, said Daggas.

An initiative has been made to break the siege on the camp and to allow people go back home. Both, the Assad troops and the Free Syrian Army, withdraw from the camp. The Yarmouk Camp includes four hospitals, UNRWA high schools, etc.

From Lebanon

Mahmoud Hanafi, head of Shahid Organisation for Human Rights, said that efforts are made to alleviate the suffering of the Yarmouk residents. "We are documenting the Assad atrocities since the very first days," Hanafi said.

Contacts are taking place to provide secured areas for the Yarmouk residents, who fled the scene. Human rights organisations planned for a set-in to press on the Assad regime officials. The cause of the Yarmouk Camp is worldwide now. "It is good for the world to solve it, not only for the Palestinians".

Almost 90% of the Palestinian families have already left the camp, and many agreements have failed to reach a ceasefire.

Izzat Rashak, Hamas politburo member, demanded to break the siege on the camp and to ease the movement of the food and medical supplied into the camp. "The Assad troops are still banning food and medical supplies from getting into the Yarmouk Camp," Rashak said. "Inhumane disaster is happening because of the coldness". "The situation in the camp is really disastrous, and it is deteriorating," Rashak added. The international world must intervene.


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