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  • 09:27 - 9 January 2013

Calls on Egyptian Embassies to Grant Palestinian Refugees Visas

Gaza, (DRAH.ps) — Working groups for Palestinian refugees in Syrian called on the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to call Egyptian embassies for granting Palestinian refugees visas, urging all neighboring Arab countries to interact with the humanitarian demands of the Palestinian refugees in Syria.

The groups noted that depriving Palestinians of getting Egyptian visas comes in difficult conditions for Palestinians in Syria because of the war.

It recalled Egypt and Jordan to open borders before the Palestinian refugees who fled Syria and the war there. It also called on Lebanese government to take care of Palestinian refugees based in Lebanon coming from Syria.

The groups stress that presence of refugees in any Arab country is temporary, and they will return to their homes as soon as possible.

It called also on the international relief bodies and organization to take its role toward the Palestinian refugees.

On the field, four Palestinian refugees in Syria in sniper fire by forces loyal to the regime in Yarmouk camp. The victims were identified as Ahmed Kosi, Rami Majdalawi, Samer Othman and Mohammed Otmani.



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