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  • 07:57 - 20 August 2014

Gaza Displaced people…Boundless Tragedy

Essam Adwan

 In the morning , he was playing with his friends in the yard of Abu Hussein school  which was announced by UNRWA as a refuge for  the displaced people in the northern Gaza Strip.

The 10-year-old Palestinian boy Ahmed was telling them about his dreams and his hope to be a Palestinian pilot one day.

 Ahmed had no chance to complete his dreams' story. Israeli warplane bombed the UNRWA school of Abu Hussein and the surrounding by 13 shells, one of which was enough to kill dozens people and little kids like Ahmed.

Eighteen Palestinian refugees have been killed in Israeli bombing. All of them fled their homes looking for safety in UNRWA school and all of them were dreaming of getting back to their hometowns occupied by Israel since 66 years , which used to be known as Palestinian Nakba.

It's not the first time For Israeli occupation to bomb UNRWA Schools and headquarters. Israel bombed UNRWA shelters in Israeli war in 2009, targeting Fakhoura UNRWA School in Jabalya refugee camp.

Israel also bombed another UNRWA School in Beit Hanoun in current Israeli war on Gaza although UNRWA had sent Israel coordinates of these schools more than twenty times. But Israel is full of hatred to Palestinians and it bombed these crowded schools.

Displacement of the Palestinian people is an old long renewable story as the unjust world put no end to Israel.

 In 1948, Israel expelled some 930 thousand Palestinians out of their hometown Palestine. Many of those who were expelled took refuge in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Moreover, these evacuees were displaced once again in 1967, where more than 350 thousand Palestinians were displaced inside Palestine. In the Israeli  war in 2008, tens of thousands have evacuated from areas in the Gaza strip to  UNRWA schools, and in the recent offensive in July 2014 ,  hundreds of thousands of Palestinians at border areas were forced to a large migration whereas some 218 367 Palestinians have been displaced.

UNRWA opened 90 shelters in schools, in addition to 13 public schools. Many displaced people were able to rent apartments or shops inside the Palestinian cities.

Although UNRWA tries to provide relief for the evacuees, Most shelters lack of life necessities and humanitarian needs such as food, medicine and clothing.

People there are not able to restore normal life without ending the illegal blockade on the Gaza Strip.

An evacuee woman even wished her children die instead of being subjected to the torment and suffering following the destruction of their homes.

 Those displaced people left their simple dreams behind. The children left their school bags and toys. People left memories and documents and all their property over the decades.

Destruction of Gaza is not only a reconstruction cause, but an issue of feelings and dignity that could never be compensated. So the question here is  for how long would Israel remain without being pursued or judged for her cirmes ?


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