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  • 17:46 - 7 January 2013

DRAH Comments on Assad's Speech: Palestinians in Syria will not be Mercenaries

Gaza, (DRAH.ps) — Commenting on speech of  the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad,   Division of Refugee Affairs in the Islamic Resistance Movement of  Hamas, DRAH , confirmed  Monday 7th January,  that the Palestinian people is so interested and keen over  the safety and security of Syria, which awarded the Palestinian refugees full rights of the Syrian citizens and treated them with respect and dignity.

DRAH hoped the Syrian president would call on sparing the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria the ravages of war in his speech on Sunday, January 6 , and to neutralize Palestinian refugees all violence actions. However, he did not do.  

DRAH criticized remarks of the Syrian President that demanded  Palestinians in Syria to stand with the regime as maintenance of the Covenant, describing the Palestinians who fled Syria as dishonest.

DRAH speculates through Assad's speech that the Palestinian camps will not be safe if they do not support the Syrian regime, which means the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria will have difficult days and suffering caused by forces loyal to the Syrian regime.

DRAH confirmed that the Palestinians recognize the honorable attitudes of  Syrian people and leadership toward their Palestinian brothers, which are due by brother to his oppressed brother.

DRAH  stresses it is unacceptable to force Palestinian refugees to engage in an eternal conflicts or to support a side in a battle they have nothing to do with , under the pretext of  giving  good deeds  back, because whoever does his  duty should not wait for a counter.

Moreover, DRAH Calls on Syrian leadership as well as Syrian people to  set the Palestinian refugees and refugee camps aside of the war taking place in Syria, stressing that Palestinians in the Arab countries will never be mercenaries to shed their  blood before residence as such battle is not theirs.

Finally, DRAH   calls on the United Nations and all UN , regional and  international organizations as well as  the League of Arab States to enable the Palestinian refugees in Syria to return to their lands, Israeli has occupied since 1948. It also calls on the international community to hold its responsibility for Palestinians' suffering, killing and displacement in  Syria.


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