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  • 11:13 - 17 July 2014

Abo Okal Demands UNRWA to relieve Palestinian refugee employees in the Gaza strip

 Gaza,(DRAH.ps)— Moen Abu Okal the head of the refugees committees in the Gaza strip called on UNRWA to support the refugee employees in  the besieged Gaza strip as they live a catastrophic conditions and they have not gotten paid their salaries for three months so far.

Abu Okal demands came after the UNRWA spokesperson Adnan Ab Hasna  stated Sunday that UNRWA has nothing to do with the crisis of the empolyees in the Gaza strip , who have not been payed for the fourth month right now.

It's noteworthy that some 40 thousads employees in the Gaza strip have not been paid for the fourth month now , and it is duty for UNRWA to privde them food and help as they are refugees and have no source on income now.

Division of refugees affairs in Hamas DRAH called on UNRWA to hold respo nsible for the refugees.   


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