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  • 09:33 - 7 January 2013

Report: 145 Palestinians have been killed in Syria in December

Gaza, (DRAH.ps) — the working group for Palestinians in Syria stated in its monthly report on January 6, that 145 Palestinian refugees have been killed in December 2012 only.

Six Palestinian refugees have been killed Sunday because of the bombing of the camp.

Shelling on the camp continued although news talked about an agreement agreed upon by PLO factions, free army and Syrian forces loyal to the regime.

The bombing renewed also at Husaynieh and Sayeda Zeinab camps, and hundreds of refugees evacuated their homes looking for a safe place out of the camp.

Some 650,000 Palestinian citizens live in Syrian territory, .5 million of whom are refugees since 1948, and they are called "Syrian- Palestinian".

The Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus is considered the largest Palestinian refugee camp outside Palestine at all, as some 250,000 Palestinian refugees live in it.



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