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  • 17:56 - 4 January 2013

Two Palestinians killed in Syria, death toll raises to 864

Gaza,(DRAH,ps)—  Two Palestinian refugees have been killed  On Friday as violence continues in Syria and regime forces continue shelling the Palestinian refugees camps , especially, the besieged Yarmouk camp, which raises death toll among Palestinian refugees in Syria to 864.

In Heydarat refugee's camp, the Palestinian refugee "Hussein Abu Hamid" got killed by sniper fire in the head.

Another Palestinian refugee was killed by sniper fire also in the head in Dare's refugee camp.

Working groups for Palestinian refugees in Syria said that clashes have erupted between elements of the free army and forces loyal to Syrian regime, causing large campaign of evacuation amongst Palestinians refugees , who sought a shelter out of the fighting regions to other safe places.

A number of committees and bodies of relief called on an urgent action to lift the siege on Palestinian camps and help the refugees who remained there.

Furthermore, the Palestinian refugees who evacuated out of the camp organized a protesting sit-in infront of UNRWA headquarter.

The correspondent of the "working group" in the camp of Hydarat reported that 3 shells have fallen on the camp causing a number of casualties and injuries.

He added that the displaced Palestinians in Lebanon coming from Syria organized a sit-in in front of UNRWA headquarter southern Lebanon in protest against the deterioration of their living conditions.


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