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  • 15:21 - 3 January 2013

More Palestinian refugees killed in Syria, Death toll raises to 862

Gaza, (DRAH.ps) — More six Palestinian refugees have been killed when the Syrian regime forces reshelled the refugee camps of Yarmouk and Husseiniya.

The victims were identified as Mohammed Chair Abdullah, Shadi Nadav, Yasser Rabah, and Abdul Hadi Abdullah Hisham Abu Jalil who were killed in shelling of the refugee camp of Yarmouk.

Locals said that Syrian warplanes bombed the camp and many ground shells have landed in al- Thalathin Street in the camp, adding that shelling continued the whole day in the camp without a stop.

Media sources there stated that many people have evacuated out of the camp for the siege on the it and the continuous shelling of its buildings.

 People in Yarmouk camp called on the Palestinian leaders to take immediate actions to save lives of Palestinian refugees in Syria.

The working groups in the refugee camp stated that the regime army kidnapped a number of Palestinian youths while they were getting out the camp.

Moreover, people of the refugee camp of Neirab took to street in a silent rally protesting the delay of financial aid by UNRWA.

The reporter of working group in the camp of Husseiniya reported that several mortar shells got bombed in different areas of the refugee's camp of Husseiniya, which cause some injuries amongst Palestinian refugees.

In Seine refugee camp, the reporter said that a shell was bombed before the school of Jura , killing number of people and injuring others.

 "Abdul Hadi Abdullah," was known amongst victims of the shelling in the camp. One of the locals said that masked men killed one person also in the camp.

He added that a silent demonstration took to the street in the refugee's camp of Neirab on Wednesday morning.



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