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  • 09:38 - 27 January 2014

The Palestinian Refugees Determine Future of the Middle East

By Dr Essam Adwan

Clearly, the Plan of U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, aims to liquidate the right of return and to resettle Palestinian refugees in Jordan, the Gulf States, Australia and Canada.

 Kerry has prior knowledge of the ideas and projects put forward by international, Arab and "Palestinian" parties that bear the same goal, but they did not succeed due to objective circumstances that prevented implementation of such concessions.

 Kerry believes that the conditions today are more suitable for liquidation of the Palestinian cause, especially the right of return.   

The common denominator between the Kerry plan and all previous plans is that they all did to account for the refugees themselves, and the refugees today living conditions extremely difficult, and the industry is in crisis them all places of refuge for the distraction, and push them to accept any solutions, no matter how badly. Will they succeed?

The presence of Israel in the region is main problem in the Middle East. Israel was built on the ruins of the Palestinian people and Arab surrounding. The Palestinian people were displaced out of his historical land of Palestine. Palestinian refugees have been adherent to their right of return, holding weapons in several stations to regain their rights and liberate their land achieving their return. They highly believed in the slogan: "Liberation is the way back."

They foiled several resettlement projects, especially the north-west of the Sinai project to resettle the refugees who are in the Gaza Strip in 1953, in which UNRWA conspired with the Egyptian government, but it failed since the refugees reject it. Thus, the problem of the Middle East will never be solved till the liberation of Palestine and the return of refugees are achieved.

The international community and international law emphasized the right of refugees to return, which contributed to - unintentionally – more adherence by refugees to the right of return and belief in its implementation. The countries that host the refugees at their territories highly welcomed these decisions and affirmed its adherence to them, supporting efforts of refugees to return, and supported the armed struggle to achieve such goal such as positions in late sixties to early eighties.

These countries thought to stop the armed struggle through getting out the PLO from Lebanon in 1982, in order to terminate the case somehow, where project of Fas summit was suggested in the same year.

The Fas project had evaluated to what was called the Arab initiative in the summits of Beirut 2002, and Riyadh in 2007. It Coincided with Palestinian projects to liquidate the Palestinian cause such as the Oslo Accords and Belin-Abbas agreement in 1995, as well as the Geneva Act in 2003, which is the origin of Kerry project.

Yet, none of liquidators ask why these projects not succeeded to terminate the right of return along 65 years. There are a number of reasons for this:

1 - The continuation of human existence of refugees inside Palestine and in its surroundings, which kept their memories and their generations present and constantly sticking to the right of return.

2 - The inability of any Arab or Palestinian leader to speak his defiance of the millions of refugees scattered in the Arab and international arenas, who believe, in their minds, the refugees are able to destabilize the region and the world.

3 – The Palestinaian refugees dropped all refugees and resettlement projects of liquidation, which provided them with previous experience and new determination to continue to drop any projects targeting their rights.

4 - Despite the surrender of the Palestine Liberation Organization and acceptance of liquidation projects, the new factions emerged strongly in the Palestinian arenas, regain the national principles and upheld the armed resistance. The countries in the region fear that the refugees turn to rebels and take up arms if their rights were touched.

5 - Israel recognizes, and the world is aware that, unless it agrees refugees on the project at hand, none has the right or the ability to drop their rights or give Israel security and lasting stability in the region.

Any just cause needs manpower for its advancement, then how it would be if we have more than eight million Palestinian refugees, who constantly assert their adherence to their right of return?

Really, none will dare to prejudice their rights.


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