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  • 09:58 - 18 November 2013

Six Palestinian Refugees Killed in Syria

Gaza, (DRAH.ps) – Action groups for the Palestinian refugees in Syria stated that six Palestinian refugees were killed on Sunday in the continued shelling and attacks on Palestinian refugees camps in Syria.

The groups said in a press release Monday that Dora camp was bombed where several shells fell on different parts of the camp. Four Palestinian refugees were killed, identified as Wael Ibrahim Nasser, Musab al - Tasha Hussein, Khalid Awad Abu Turki , and Amount Rashid Assaf.

The groups added that bombing coincided with violent clashes on the outskirts of the camp between groups of the free army and the regime forces.

Moreover, population in the camp suffers suffocating living crises as a result of the severe shortage of basic materials allowed into the camp.

The groups added that the Palestinian refugees, Emad Ahmed and Abdul Rahman Ali Yasin died as a result of the clashes, which broke out in the camp Khan Dannoun.

They explained that camp of Khan Dannoun witnessed violent clashes at night between regime forces and groups of free army, causing death of the Palestinian refugee Yassin and wounding several others.



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