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  • 10:51 - 6 November 2013

Over 100 Palestinian refugees killed in Syria

Gaza, (Alresalah.ps)—Action group for the Palestinian refugees in Syria stated that some 100 Palestinian refugees have been killed in the painful and tragic events occurred in the Palestinian refugees camps in Syria.

It added that dozens of Palestinian refugees were also killed in the sea while they were trying to get to European countries.

 In addition, Syrian regime forces keep shelling Palestinian refuges camps all the time, including Husseiniyeh camp and Yarmouk refugee's camps.

People in the refugee camps also suffer harsh condition as they are under suffocating siege imposed by Syrian forces.

The regime forces also prevent all basic lifer materials required for daily living in the camps.

The group explained that dozens of Syrian and Palestinian refugees died at sea, whereas dozens were dawning in the sea of the island of "Sicily", where the Italian authorities held more than a hundred Palestinian and Syrian refugees from the sea.



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