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  • 14:20 - 14 October 2013

DRAH Holds Syrian Regime Responsible for sinking of Palestinian refugees

Gaza, (DRAH.ps) -- Division of Refugee Affairs in Hamas held the Syrian regime and the Arab League full responsible for the sinking of more than two hundred Palestinian refugees, who fled the conflict in Syria to the Libyan territory.

DRAH said in a statement Monday that the Syrian regime does not provide security for those refugees in Syria, but practiced killing and destruction against them, forcing them to flee searching for a safe place.

DRAH  noted that the League of Arab States and all Arab States are responsible for such terrible crime against displaced refugees as they all have not lend a hand to live a decent and secure life , which led them to look for a refuge in  Europe.

DRAH called for an investigation to be held in the incident of sinking of a refugee's boat, and to judge who opened fire at those unarmed refugees in the sea instead of providing them aid and help.

It called on friendly countries, which are in solidarity with the Palestinian people, to submit an invitation to the UN Security Council to form an international commission of inquiry that stands on the responsibility of all parties causing the drowning of this Palestinian Refugee.

DRAH stressed the right of the Palestinians in Syria to return to their original homeland in Palestine occupied in 1948 , as they also have the right that the  Arab states and the Arab League as well as  the international and regional organizations to provide them the  safe access to their homeland.

It's noteworthy that Rescuers have plucked 200 refugees from the sea after their boat capsized, killing 31 in yet another migrant tragedy that prompted Malta to warn the Mediterranean was turning into a cemetery.



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