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  • 16:15 - 30 December 2012

Press release over the recent reduction of UNRWA services

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)-- The Refugees' Affairs Office- Hamas- is concerned of the announcement of UNRWA's intent to reduce its services in four services including cessation of the financial assistance to the poor families, cessation of Job Creation Program, cessation of the evening medical services, and reducing the medical services to the half. UNRWA attributes these reductions to the Low-budget resulted from the non-commitment of some of the donating countries to the financial commitments.

The Refugees' Affairs Office confirms:

1.       UNRWA is an international organization and should not subjugate to the blackmail of the donors;

2.       The head of UNRWA and the international communication  crew should do their best to collect the enough funding for carrying out relief, operational and emergency programs  and to knock new door to get the necessary funding;

3.       We call upon the Arab and Palestinian diplomacy to spare no effort on the international arena to issue a resolution  from the General Assembly of the United Nations to allocate enough, permanent budget to do their works;

4.       We are so dubious of the abilities of Felibio Grandi, the high commissioner of UNRWA to professionally fulfill his job in managing UNRWA's work;

5.       We call upon our Palestinian people to notice with a high degree of attention the plans of reduction of UNRWA work or the cessation of its works. We urge all the national activities to reject these plans;

6.       We call upon the Arab league and its members, the Islamic and friendly states to prevent the reduction of UNRWA and prevent punishing the Palestinian people of their national choices, the desire of reconciliation, and getting rid of the unjust siege.


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