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  • 09:48 - 2 October 2013

Some 1597 Palestinian Refugees Killed in Syria Since revolution

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)—Action groups for  Palestinian Refugees  in Syria stated Wednesday that  eight  Palestinian refugees were killed  as a result of the conflict taking place in  Syria during the period 21 to 27 September , noting that number of Palestinian refugees killed in the Syrian conflict reached 1597 victims.

The group added in a press statement Tuesday that three of victims died under torture in detention centers of Syrian regime forces, where they are Ahmed Hussein Khamis, Omar Abdel-Salam Saleh, Thaer al-Khatib. Moreover, Mohammed Abdul Rahman Hassan from  Khan Sheikh camp was killed in the shelling on  area of  Jaramana

The group explained  the Palestinian Omar Khaled Abu Hamda from  refugee camp of Khan Sheikh died under torture in Syrian security detention centers , whereas Ahmed Issa al – Sahli was also killed  from al - Mezze neighborhood of Damascus.

The release  also stated that  Yarmouk refugee camp was shelled Monday , where  a number of mortar shells hit  Street of  schools and area of  Haifa,  causing injuries.

Moreover, the  refugee camp of Khan Shieh was  bombed with a  number of shells on the western side, leaving a  limited the damage in properties .


It  showed that the refugees Camp live  catastrophic humanitarian crises experienced by most of the Palestinian refugees  in Syria due to the continued siege imposed by the Syrian army and members of the Popular Front - General on camps of Sbeina , Husseinia and Daraa.  

 It Reported that the siege imposed on the Yarmouk refugee camp by the regime  Syrian army checkpoints for the third months bans food , medical and children's milk to enter the camps, resulting in a depletion of all elements of life including  food and medicine .

 Refugees of Husseinia and Daraa camps suffer severe living conditions, as they are subject to a tight blockade as well as The Neirab camp.

 Furthermore, the group stated that Syrian forces keeps detaining youths in refugees camps, where they are exposed to fatal torture and many of they




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