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  • 16:08 - 30 December 2012

A statement of the Arab Gathering in Germany over the Palestinian Refugee in Germany

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)-- An authorized source in the Arab Gathering in Germany stated that: the Arab Gathering in Germany carefully monitors the situation of the Arab people of Palestinian in the Arab nation and the grave events which are going on Palestine, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Bahrain, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Syria. They are overly concerned about what's called" the Arab Spring".

The Arab Gathering in Germany issued many statements over the situation on the above-mentioned countries and the today statement is over the conditions of the Palestinian people in Iraq and what they suffers from detention, killing, kicking them out, by the hands of the spy government in Baghdad.

The statement added" the Palestinian refugees live in Iraq more than one century safely and freely, they granted every means of hospitability, work , and the dignified life within the  era of the national rule; and the Iraq people loved them a lot along with their keeping of the Palestinian identity until liberating and returning home.

What disasters happen for the Iraqi people happens for the Palestinian people in Iraq:

•        They tightened the existence of the Palestinian people in Iraq under the pretext of not attaining the residence. The people of Palestine in Iraq don’t need the residence or the visa entry into Iraq;

•        They prevented them to work under the pretexts of the unemployment;

•        They detain them with no reason and kill them with no guilt, and displace them because they are Arab;

•        They formed a terrorist environment on the Palestinian people in Iraq as same as the terrorism in Israel;

 We call upon all the international and humanitarian organizations and committees to take fast measures to protect and rescue the souls of the innocent people in Iraq and put an end to the assault being perpetrated against them in 1948. Refugees' Affairs Office-News Agencies.


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