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  • 09:35 - 25 September 2013

Grande : UNRWA will not provide service to refugees unless the necessary support is available

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)-- Commissioner-General of  UNRWA Filippo Grandi said that UNRWA  suffers from a deficit of 54 m$. .

Before leaving for New York to participate in the ministerial meeting Held in the presence of the UN Secretary- General  Ban Kid-moon as well as Secretary- General of the League of Arab States , Nabila Elaraby in September 26th, Grande said  "This is a crucial and very important meeting for the UNRWA . We cannot continue to provide services for refugee unless donors take a step forward and provide support to UNRWA.''

"'' We  suffer from a deficit of  54 m$ this year and the next year will be even worse . We specifically look towards the Arab donors fulfill their commitments and to  participate to achieve the target set by previous resolutions of the Arab League , represented by the Arab governments to provide a rate of 7.8% of the budget of the UNRWA under these troubled currently conditions in the region. It is so good  to dramatically  strengthen UNRWA as it is  an important contributor in the process of stabilization.'' He added.

The meeting will also  discuss  financing difficulties faced by UNRWA .

The meeting  includes members of the League of Arab States and a selection of major donor countries for UNRWA including the United States and the European Union.



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