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  • 08:51 - 21 September 2013

Adwan Calls for a Crisis Committee to be Formed to Manage the Gaza Strip

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)— In an article published in  the newspaper of " Palestine " Wednesday, Issam Adwan, the chairman of division refugees affairs in hams DRAH, called on leaders of the Palestinian people , government,  factions as well as national forces  in the Gaza Strip to from a higher  committee to manage affairs of the Gaza strip in light of current crisis.

Adopting the experience of dilemma of Palestinian people in 1970 with Jordan, where Palestinian leadership formed a committee to manage the crisis at that time, Adwan called for a similar committee to be created in Gaza. He added that the committee in 1970 was granted wider powers of the Palestine Liberation Organization, and included organization's leadership, secretaries of factions, military leaders and senior personalities.

He said that the committee continued to work until the PLO left Jordan. It was an experience that the leadership of PLO tried to re-form such committee to institutionalized decisions of the National Council (the eleventh session in January 1973), where the Central Council of the Palestine Liberation Organization was constituted.

Adwan called on the parties of such committee to grant priorities for decisions of this Committee before government decisions or individual resolution.

 He addressed Hamas, as it is the backbone of the Palestinian resistance and constitutes the Palestinian government in Gaza, that it has a historic responsibility that must be held and embodied. It should put everyone at their responsibilities, which will expose those who do not meet the collective interest and eliminated them out of national life.

'' Crises reveal quality of men'' he said.

Adwan suggested several proposals and items to be at priorities of this committee, particularly, the work at Palestinian, Arab and international level to lift the siege imposed on the Gaza strip.

He said that all must work to get Gaza strip away of any confrontation with the Egyptians, as well as coordinating the work of the resistance to secure the Gaza strip.

He added that this committee will be a typical experience for different currents to coexist and to enhance the consensus point and avoid controversy positions

 Adwan's call comes in light of the crisis experienced by Gaza Strip due to tightening of blockade, closure of the Rafah crossing, closure of the tunnels that constitute the lifeline of Gaza basic needs. He added that it will face the efforts by Egyptian media to demonize the Gaza strip and thwart his efforts and diplomatic relations with friendly countries and neighboring states.



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