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  • 16:00 - 30 December 2012

Hamas, in Balfour Declaration, confirm their commitment to the right of return and the resistance' option

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)-- The Islamic Resistance Movement" Hamas", confirmed on 1-11-2011 their commitment to the right of return; refusal of the settlement, displacement, and the alternate country. They also confirm the resistance's option as the only option to defeat the occupation from our lands and holy sites.

In a statement mentioned on the anniversary of Balfour Declaration, Hamas considered that Balfour Declaration as unjust, void and totally refused, holding the historic responsibility on Britain and the colonial stares which backed the establishment of the Zionist entity.

Hamas welcomed acceptance of the Palestinian membership in UNESCO organization, considering it as an international step in the right direction. It confirmed their keenness to carry the Palestinian National Reconciliation's agreement, calling to a comprehensive national dialogue which leads to form a unified Palestinian strategy to restore our complete rights.

In the context, Hamas called Lebanon to give the civil, and humanitarian rights for the Palestinian people in Lebanon and reconstructing Naher Bared refugee camp, as one step towards the return to Palestine.


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