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  • 15:54 - 30 December 2012

The 94-years-old anniversary of Balfour declaration

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)-- The 94-years-old anniversary of Balfour declaration comes in a situation where the Palestinian People are still Steadfast, Patient, and abiding by all the complete National rights.

The ongoing aggressive and hostile acts of the Zionist occupation in the Gaza strip and their coercive acts in the West Bank, the continuance of settlement projects in Alquds and all the Palestinian lands, their attempt to kick our people out of their lands will not turn off the light of the resistance and the steadfastness in the hearts of the Palestinian people. We will not give up our rights of return; commitment to Alquds and our holy land or even any atom of our holy land.

Hamas condemns the British effort to stop chasing the Zionist war criminals

Commenting on the statements of the British Foreign minister, William Hague, on Wednesday 3-11, in which he announced the intention of his cabinet to pass a draft law for the House of Common to stop chasing the Zionist war criminals in the British lands.

In a press release issued by Hamas Movement on Thursday 4-11-2012, "this British government's trend is a subjugation of the Zionist pressures and in contradictions with the British stances calling to the protection of the human rights and bring the Israeli war criminal to trial, and a clear evidence of the double-standard policy when it comes to the Zionist entity.

Hamas urged the British government to review their trends which contradicts with the international and European public opinion. The public opinion considers the Zionist Entity as a danger to the international peace. Hamas also called upon the British government to abide by the international charters and norms to chase the war criminals.

Hamas urged the Humanitarian and human rights organizations to press upon the members of the House of Commons to encounter these impartial policies in order to protect the international justice and the Palestinian people from the crimes and violations of Zionist occupation.


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