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  • 10:35 - 3 September 2013

Group: 7 Palestinian refugees killed in Syria

 Gaza,(DRAH.ps)-- The Workforce for Palestinians in Syria said in a statement that seven Palestinians refugees have been killed in the shelling by Syrian forces against Palestinian refugees camp, where the Palestinian refugee Shadi Ayman Ayish died after being critically wounded in heavy shelling, without providing further details.

The group said that Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus witnessed clashes between Syrian regime forces and rebels.

All main entrances to the camp have been closed for over 50 days and there has been no electricity for four months.

All hospitals and medical centers in Yarmouk have ceased to operate due to a lack of equipment, military attacks and robberies, the group added.

In Al-Aedin camp in Homs, Syrian security forces told Palestinian factions that jailed refugees would soon be released.

More than two million Syrians have now fled their war-ravaged country, the UN refugee agency said Tuesday.

A staggering 6.2 million Syrians have been torn from their homes -- a number without parallel in any other country and representing nearly a third of Syria's pre-war population of 20.8 million.



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