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  • 15:47 - 30 December 2012

Letter from the Palestinian Refugees' Affairs Office, Hamas, to the Lebanese Members' Council

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)-- Holy greetings from the holy land, Palestine, and their patient and steadfast people in their land despite the war, the prison, and the siege. We hail and position our hands with you, Muslims and Christian, while you are trying, after few days, to conduct a parliamentary session to discuss granting the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon the humanitarian rights which can achieve their life dignity and reduce their sufferings.

In this occasion, we would like to say the following:

1-    We hail all the Lebanese parliament members who initiated to discuss the issues of the human rights of the Palestinian in the Parliamentarian Council;

2-    We call upon our brothers in the council to take a historic and humanitarian stance, and support enacting a law which could reduce the sufferings of the Palestinian refugees and guarantee a dignified life for them, until they return to their homeland;

3-    We confirm that the Palestinians in Lebanon are not thinking to permanently reside in any country except Palestine;

4-    We confirm that the dignified life for all the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon is one of their human right and a duty on their Lebanese brothers;

5-    We call upon the Lebanese government to accelerate enacting a law which designate a dignified life for all the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, and that all the parties, committees, scholars, thinkers, media people, should do their most to enact this law.

6-    We call upon our people in Lebanon to still patient and continue asking for their rights until they get it. They should have the hope that they will return to their lands sooner.


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