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  • 07:23 - 28 August 2013

DRAH: Silence Over Abbass concession of the right of return is a crime

Gaza, (DRAH.ps) -- Division of Refugee Affairs in Hamas DRAH declared in a statement Monday that '' silence over any concession of the right of return is a crime.

 DRAH stated that Abbas met Thursday a delegation of Israeli Meretz party and promised to ensure cancel of the right of return to Jaffa, Acre and Safad, indicating the occupied Palestine in 1948, which DRAH considers a complement to concessions by Abbas over the Palestinian constants.

DRAH considers such remarks on the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration last year when Abbass declared he has no right to Safad.

 DRAH added also that Abbas affirmed his intention to waive the right of return, which refers to the direction of the negotiations where they will not go to restore the rights of the Palestinians, but install and strengthen the occupation, noting that whoever waives these constants commit a great treason.

 DRAH stressed that the Palestinian people have not authorized anyone to give up their rights and the PLO has no right to do so. PLO should struggle for the restoration of rights without diminution.

 It also called on the PLO to declare a clear over abandon of the right of return, inviting all organizations, frameworks, association and the Palestinian factions to declare their rejection of any prejudice to the right of return and the Palestinian inalienable rights.

 DRAH demanded the Palestinian Legislative Council, and the Attorney General to activate the Law of Return, and take deterrent legal action against any neglect of the rights of the Palestinians especially the right of return.

 The statement concluded in an invitation to masses of Palestinian people and organizations actors as well as the People's Committees of refugees to partake in the protest against attempts to waive the right of return on Thursday, August 29, 2013 at 11 am, in front of the Department of Refugee Affairs in the Palestine Liberation Organization in Gaza City.

 Division of Refugee Affairs - Hamas


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