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  • 08:29 - 22 August 2013

Action Group: Basic materials are no longer available to the Palestinians in Syria

Gaza, (DRAH.ps) -- Action groups for the Palestinian refugees in Syria stated to paper of  "Quds Al-Arabi" Tuesday that the basic materials needed  for  human life, especially bread, medicine and baby milk, are no longer available for Palestinian refugees in Syria, stressing that most of these goods are lost in most homes of  Palestinian homes in the  camps.

 The working group added that  most of the Palestinian refugees in  camps of  Syria are  still suffering from life stifling crises, due to continuous siege imposed on camps by  Syrian army forces loyal to Assad, causing deterioration of the living conditions and lack of most  food , baby milk, medicines.

Residents also lack of necessities of life as there are no infrastructure services such as water, electricity and communications. .

 Palestinian sources said that the refugees hold  Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees "UNRWA" responsibility for  deterioration of the living conditions and health in the camps, where  some refugees in Yarmouk camp protest recently before UNRWA headquarter and burnt  its flag to condemn reduction of its  service of refugees inside the camps.

 Dozens of children in the Yarmouk refugee camp staged a sit-in Sunday outside the office of youth support of UNRWA protesting against the failure of UNRWA to provide protection to the Palestinian camps in Syria or to solve their social problems through providing relief of food and medicine.

They also demanded UNRWA to break the siege on the camp and exit all armed appearances in the camps.




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