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  • 09:22 - 17 August 2013

Barhoum: We call on formation of a Palestinian national coalition to confront plan of sale of Palestine

 Gaza,(DRAH.ps)--   Fawzi Barhoum, the  Hamas spokesman, called on  formation of a strong influential  Palestinian public opinion to exposes plans of selling Palestine project in Oslo 2, in reference to the new round of negotiations between the Palestinian  Authority PA and the Israeli occupation.

Barhoum stated to "Quds Press" that the case of Palestine and Palestinian constants are subject of compromise now in the negotiations between the PA and Israeli.

He said, "There must be political alliances of all factions, elites and intellectuals in response to this great danger''."

"This is vitally required in the next phase. We do not want a coalition at the level of a class or a party. We want a national Palestinian coalition that includes all segments of Palestinian people, who reject the scheme of negotiations over our rights and constants.'' He added.

Barhoum stressed that the next stage must experience a serious effective stand to face team of negotiations, pointing out that if a referendum carried out, the whole Palestinian people will reject any return to negotiations.

He explained that the whole Palestinian people suffered of negotiations, so they will reject it. Yet, negotiations team will not reject it as it kidnaps the political resolution of Palestinian people.

 Calling on the next phase to be devoted for exposing the PA team of negotiations and concessions, Barhoum pointed out that the new coalition must reveal concession of negotiations and remove any legalization or national cover from the PA team of negotiations and concession.



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