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  • 08:52 - 17 August 2013

Hamas: We follow issue of the stranded Palestinians in the Syrian-Lebanese border area

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)--  A delegation of Hamas,  including the official of Refugees Office   Yasser Ali and  Hamas  political official  in Bekaa region Bassam Khalaf , visited Thursday  the  border region at  the Syrian-Lebanese borders  in order to have a look on the situation  of   Palestinian families stuck  at the border.

The delegation stated that they continue communications with   Lebanese authorities in order to resolve the problem of the Palestinian refugees. .

According to one of the stranded Palestinians at borders, the Palestinian families were forced to return inside Syrian territory despite of danger of situation there.

The delegation met with a Lebanese officer in   General Security to find out the reasons for preventing the refugees to get into Lebanese territories.

The officer said there is no clear decision of prevention of refugees into Lebanon. Yet, he said there are new procedures to arrange the issue.

Palestinian sources indicate that such procedures come under new tougher policy toward the Palestinian refugees from Syria.

It is noteworthy that the number of families stuck exceeded one thousand people after the Lebanese General Security has banned Palestinian refugees to allow them into Lebanese territory.







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