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  • 17:26 - 12 August 2013

Hamas: None has authorization to abandon right of return, Resettlement is principally rejected.

Gaza, (DRAH.ps)—Mahmoud al-Zahar , the prominent leader in the Islamic resistance movement of Hamas , stated in a press conference held Monday evening , that all Palestinian people are agreed that right of return is an individual and collective right , so none can abandon the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland and properties.

Al-Zahar stressed that resettlement is principally rejected calling on the Arab countries not to give any opportunity to talk about such destructive suggestions.

Al-Zahar called on the Palestinian people to respond to such attempts by the Palestinian authority to give up constants and rights of Palestinian people.

He added that negotiations with Israel in not legalized and any talks with Israelis have no authorization by Palestinian people inside Palestine and abroad.




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