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  • 19:43 - 11 August 2013

Groups: 1472 Palestinians were killed since the outbreak of the conflict in Syria

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)--  Working groups for the Palestinian refugees  in Syria stated Monday that over 1472 Palestinian refugee were killed in the conflict taking place in Syria since  mid-March 2011.

 The working group added that two Palestinians were killed in a new shelling on Palestinian refugee camps in Syria.

The groups , based in  London,  published  Sunday  a report in Gaza on the developments of the security situation in the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria, pointing out that  a number of missiles landed in "the Yarmouk refugee camp" with no injuries.

 In the same time, violent clashes between the army free groups and the regime's army took place near the camp, whose population is still living suffocating crises because of the continuing unjust siege imposed by the Syrian forces loyal to the regime on the camp since over three weeks which may cause a humanitarian catastrophe.

The report pointed out that about half a million Palestinians are  living in Syria, especially in the Yarmouk refugee camp , adding that some  60 thousand Palestinians have evacuated  to Lebanon to escape from the hell of war in Syria.




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