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  • 06:37 - 25 May 2013

Um Selmyya.. A refugee old woman yearns to return home

Gaza, (DRAH.ps) -- Although she is 65 years now, Um Selmyya still yearns to her home she was expelled out by Israeli occupation forces and Zionist gangs.

 '' We have a nice little hut in our village of al-Joura. Palestine has been living a disaster '' Nakba'' since over 80 years old. All my family was forced out our land. '' Said Um Selmyya.

 Um selmyya, who has her son killed by Israeli occupation forces, stressed she as well as all Palestinian refugees are still adherent to the right of return to their home and stolen lands in the occupied Palestine.

 '' I will never forget or abandon my home. Even if they give me the fortune of the whole world, I will never give up my land and my grandparents' home.'' She added.

 She stressed the return to Palestine is as close as she believe that changes taking place in the region indicate this.

 '' I still keep the key of my hut in our village. Even if I passed away, I will give it to my grandchildren to return to their grandparents land and homes in Palestine. We will return one day. That's what we are believed in.'' She followed.

 Um Selmyya called for resistance to do whatever they can to liberate the land of Palestine so that refugees can return to their stolen occupied land by Israel.


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