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  • 09:39 - 11 April 2013

UNRWA Finacial Cuts Target the Right of Return


GAZA (DRAH.ps) -- Demonstrations and sit-ins are normal scenes, which Gazans became used to, before the gates of the UNRAW field office in the Gaza Strip. Protesters were both, mad and angry at the policies of the UNRWA.


 Rage mounted more, as the UNRAW canceled the financial aid, which was given to people, who suffer from abject poverty. The UNRWA used to pay 10$ every 3 months to the poorest class in the Gaza Strip, then it gave up the move. It justified the move that no financial support has been recently given to the UNRWA bodies, and that the UNRAW offered 20,000 job vacancies  to compensate.


Observers believe that people with hidden agendas, mainly political, are the reasons behind the financial cuts.


Dozens of the Palestinian refugees headed to the field offices of the UNRAW along the Gaza Strip, particularly those in Rafah and the North of the Gaza Strip. They closed them to protest policies, which are based on the financial cuts. They banned the UNRWA staff members access to their offices. Protesters chanted, and raised up signs that criticised the money cuts.


The Palestinian refugees believe that the UNRAW aids are their very rights, Nashaat Abu Ameera, member of the Civil Committee to Defend the Refugees Rights, said.


General director of the UNRWA said that the donors stopped the funds, Abu Ameera said.


Abu Ameera said that demonstrations will keep going until their demands are met.


Dr. Naji Shurrab, a political analyst, said that the UNRWA has adopted many procedures to cancel the Palestinian right of return such as changing its name, and canceling financial aids.


 Shurrab called on the people concerned to move quickly and take a stand against the UNRWA policies.


Adnan Abu Hasna, the spokesperson for the UNRWA, said that the UNRWA offered 21,000 temporary job vacancies to families from the Gaza Strip.


"We do not feel comfortable to the new procedures," Abu Hasna said. "But it is all out of our hands."


As for the job vacancies, Abu Hasna said that "they were offered to people, who already work for the UNRWA."


Abu Hasna did not agree with the theory of conspiracy the Palestinian refugees are talking about.




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