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  • 08:56 - 27 March 2013

Syrian Forces kill Nine Palestinian Refugees in Syria

Gaza, (DRAH.ps)— Action groups in Syria stated Wednesday that nine Palestinian refugees, including five members of one family, were killed in the shelling by Syrian forces loyal to the regime on their camp.

 The groups said that five young men from one family as well as a sixth youth were all killed under torture in the prisons of Syrian forces loyal to the regime. The youths were detained in February.

The victims were identified as Khalid Thaher, Basil Thaher, Nazih Thaher, Louay Thaher and Ayman Diab.

 Moreover, a woman and a little child were killed in the shelling on their district in Jaramana camp in Damascus. They were identified as Mahmoud Yassin and Safa Ibrahim.

  Ayoung man was killed also and four others were wounded in the bombing on the neighborhood of Taqadum in the Yarmouk refugee camp.


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