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  • 19:48 - 22 March 2013

DRAH: UNRWA's Trips are "Suspicious'' and Cuts are programmed

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)-- The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East - UNRWA -  intends to repeat trips for our children from the 8thand 9th classes to the United States of America, where they saw an exhibition of Holocaust in New York in late 2010.

We do not know what UNRWA hides for them in the trip planned to be launched within days, as the trip includes two groups of male and female students in early adolescence. We do not know if UNRWA is aware of the psychological and social risks of these trips that will be reflected negatively on our children, or they already plan this.

Psychologists say that exposing adolescents in this age to such trips to Western countries has great risks, where child is exposed to a state of fascination and culture shock for he watches differences' range between environments. This will be reflected upon him so that he will lose sense of belonging to his homeland and his family, and begins to abandon societal values feels defeatism and inferiority.

Therefore, the child will sustain dreaming of going back to the environment he saw in order to get fun and urbanization. However, as this is difficult to be achieved quickly; he will be exposed to despair and frustration. Is this what UNRWA plans for ? Is this what the kids' parents sought for their children?

UNRWA has indulged in political projects aimed to normalize our people with Israeli occupation through a program it adopted entitled "Peace Starts Here", upon which UNRWA teach the course of "human rights" and reward the perfect students in it such trips.

UNRWA wants us to cry for the suffering of the Jews in Europe, and wash the brains of our children from the pain and suffering that the Palestinian people experienced at the hand of Israeli occupation.

UNRWA aims to invade minds of our children and generations in order to cancel our just cause at hands of our children

UNRWA has suspicious goals behind these trips, otherwise, why it does not organize these trips for Saudi Arabia or to refugees' camps in the occupied west bank or Diaspora to learn them more about the tragedy of their people. If it did, they will realize that human rights they studied do not exist In the Western world, which perfects causing us agony and losing our rights.

Every trip organized by UNRWA costs more than $ 150,000. It is better for this money to be spent on the poor families, where it will be sufficient for 1,500 families with an average of $ 100 per family, making them happy. Moreover, it can present respectable reward for the outstanding students.

 The policy of wasting money by UNRWA on behalf of the poor and refugees must be halted.

The refugees should be alert to the futility of the abusers in UNRWA and they must take care of their children before losing them or getting them loose their national affiliation and dream of return.

We appeal to the responsible authorities and the Ministry of Education to stop these suspicious and irresponsible trips as it is a secretariat at hands of hands of parents and officials alike.

The administration of UNRWA spends money of refugees in goals different to what such funds were really brought for, and these purposes are away of the original tasks of UNRWA. UNRWA decided previously to stop supplementary cash assistance amounted to ten dollars for every person every three months.

UNRWA stopped such aid gradually, where it stopped it a year ago and then it resumed it temporarily in order to absorb the anger of the refugees.

Now, it goes back to stop this aid completely, ignoring the suffering of these poor families and the urgent need for it despite of its meager amount. UNRWA is ignoring the most important goal for its establishment, which is relieving the poor and afflicted.

  UNRWA had carved out a share of the refugee's families' cub on and replaced the cuts with ten dollars. Now, UNRWA stops it completely in a programmed policy of cutting aids of the UNRWA.

UNRWA claims it suffers of fiscal deficit, while over 240 international staff earn over 20,000 $ per month. If there is really a deficit, UNRWA has to replace those staff with qualified Arabs staff before less than $ 3000 for every employee per month. It can distribute the rest to the poor refugees.

Moreover, UNRWA decided to stop teaching the course of manual training (Industry) and housekeeping among prep classes, claiming such cancel is to provide some funds.

We warn UNRWA to become complacent in its duties or to proceed in such cuts, especially for the most vulnerable category. We call on the refugees popular Committees in the Gaza Strip to do their best to pressurize UNRWA to reiterate such practices or repeat such procedures.


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