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  • 18:39 - 11 March 2013

Seven Palestinian refugees killed in Syria

Gaza,(DRAH,ps)--  Seven Palestinians were killed over the past few hours in Syria as a result of the continued shelling and attacks on their refugee camps.

The workgroup for Palestinians in Syria said in a statement on Monday that Adham Issa was killed at the hands of a sniper while heading to university from his Nairab refugee camp.

It added that Hussam Suleiman, from Yarmouk refugee camp, succumbed to wounds suffered in an explosion of a shell that slammed into the camp last Saturday.

Ahmed Al-Kurdi was killed and 16 others were wounded in the Syrian regular army’s intensive shelling of Al-Husseiniya refugee camp in rural Damascus, the group said.

It pointed out that the child Hiba Ahmed from Teiba town next to Danun refugee camp was killed in the shelling on the town.

Another youth, Ahmed Al-Khalaf, from Al-Husseiniya refugee camp was killed when a bomb blasted near an UNRWA school.

The workgroup said that the old man, Hassan Al-Basha, succumbed to his injuries sustained when the Syrian army shelled his house in the Yarmouk refugee camp a few weeks ago.


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