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  • 12:31 - 11 March 2013

DRAH: "Manipulation of refugee definition not allowed, Israel will pay for such change from its security''

Gaza,(DRAH,ps)-- Division of Refugee Affairs in Hamas movement  DRAH  said in a statement  issued Monday,   March 11, 2013 that Palestinian refugees will not allow any  manipulation that may affect the definition of  ''Palestinian refugee'' in international covenants.

DRAH stated that Israel seeks to change the legal definition of Palestinian refugee, so that it denies sons of Palestinian refugees, who were forced out their homes in 1948, to acquire the aspect of  Palestinian refugee'.

DRAH noted that Israel had previously suggested such change of the aspect of '' Palestinian refugees '' from sons of refugees through U.S. congress member.

DRAH confirmed sons of refugees inherited the definition of '' refugee'' from their parents. Israel claims it inherited the right to "return" to Palestine from "grandparents" two thousand years ago, but in the same time, it denies Palestinians to return to Palestine from where they were displaced 65 years ago.

Moreover, Israel has no right to define the Palestinian refugee, as it is the colonial power, which displaced those Palestinians and steal their homes and lands.

DRAH continued that UNRWA was established to provide stability for Palestinian refugees until a solution be found to their crisis. Therefore, any manipulation of refugees' status will confuse the region and the world, and will not be allowed by Palestinian refugees.

DRAH stressed that Israel will pay for any manipulation in the cause of Palestinian refugees from its security as well as all bodies who support such conspiracy against Palestinian refugees.

DRAH called on the United Nations and UNRWA not to deal with such demands, adding that Hamas as well as all Palestinian people will not stand idly toward manipulation the most important constant for Palestinians, which is the right of return.

Hamas considered such step and settlement as a recipe to ignite the region and bomb the situation in occupied Palestinian territories.

 Israel's representative in the United Nations said Sunday that Tel Aviv exerts efforts to change the legal status of Palestinian refugee definition and drop it from refugees' sons, who were displaced in 1948.

 Israeli newspaper of "Jerusalem Post" mentioned Sunday that, Ron Lopressor, the Israeli representative at the United Nations, saying, "The main obstacle to the peace process is the right of return for Palestinian refugees, not settlements."

Division of Refugee Affairs - Hamas


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